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FANUC Authorized System IntegratorWith decades of experience in manufacturing automation, the team at Red Rabbit Automation has developed a unique style of automation integration. Our automation solutions are effective in that a newly-designed cell reduces labor required, increases production, decreases work injuries, and decreases part defects. 

The Red Rabbit team brings a broad understanding of automated manufacturing systems and how individual components work together to streamline processes. We have extensive experience incorporating the following capabilities into customized automation solutions for our clients.

Robotics: FANUC industrial robots handle a diverse array of applications with precision.

Industrial Robotic Automation

Pick and Place: Machine tending automation helps maximize efficiency by ensuring accuracy and uniformity in production.

Pick and Place Machine Tending Automation

In-Line Gauging: Improve quality control and reduce production of defective parts by incorporating in-line gauging and serialization.
In-Line Gauging

In-Line Assembly: In-line assembly maximizes the value added capabilities with an automated/integrated cell. 
In-Line Assembly

Service: Our comprehensive manufacturing automation services include design, build, implementation, service and repair of our systems.
Automated Cell Service and Support
Find out more about Red Rabbit's customized automation solutions today. Contact us online or give us a call at 833-733-7222 to discuss your manufacturing automation needs. 


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Matt Tyler & Corey Carolla will be Keynote Speakers at Houstex

Matt Tyler and Corey Carolla will take you on The Factory Automation Journey - How To Get Started In Automation And Why, sharing their insights on how to get started in automation. The duo will cover Vickers Engineering’s journey with automation, as well as how it changed their culture and spring boarded growth. They will also showcase Red Rabbit’s approach to modular automation and how it is suited for those wanting to begin.

Their keynote presentation is Feb. 26th, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.
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